Covid 19

Influenza (and now Corona too).

January 2020

From the first day, we have had a strict policy of hand washing.

Influenza usually strikes about now, so please always wash hand and wear a mask.

Every child that comes to our school soon learns that they have to sing “happy birthday” and wash their hands with soap after:

  1. they come into the house,
  2. after they use the toilet,
  3. after they sneeze,
  4. after they cough,
  5. after they touch their mouth or nose.

Please do this at home too.

The auto-tap is fun, reduces the spread of germs and encourages children to use it.


In the first days of the school, staff watched and reminded the children every time a child needed to wash, but these days, children check each other too and they are used to it. Building good habits means a certain amount of nagging, but staff never give up. When I catch a child (trying) skipping, I am announce very loudly that they MUST wash. Now that Corona Virus Covid 19 is here, we see that the hard work we put into training children is benefiting everyone.


In February 2020 we asked children to wear goggles or glasses with masks on public transport. While in public spaces, use 100 yen shop pollen glasses such as these:

protective glasses 2

Here our professional model demonstrates:

protective glasses

We will provide face masks to children that could not get them.

February 2020 update #1:

Corona virus has now started to make an impact so the PM has suggested closing the schools from March 2nd. The School meeting decided to follow, but to avoid wasting school time, we have moved the holidays forward 2 weeks to run from 9th to 20th of March. The new term will begin from Monday 23rd of March unless there are other problems.

February 2020 update #2:

We have been experimenting with tutorials online:


This is still early stages, but good preparation if the city is shut down.

March 2020

Starting from Monday 23rd we would like ALL children to avoid public transport at all times. Please arrive by private car. If you are coughing or have a temperature, stay at home! Children that cannot come by private car, we will discuss temporary projects online.



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