Hints and Tips for Corona March 28

Practicing Social Distancing is essential for everyone, even the Prime Minister’s wife!


If we do it properly, we can win against Corona. We have a great chance!


We can make a difference. It is important to do this because we will protect the staff in the hospitals from exhaustion and mental anguish.

Chart #22 shows what happens when we use Social Distancing. We have a great opportunity to win by beginning now. We might be on day 7 or 8, (that would be very good) but we might be on day 17. Even 1 day between day n+20 and n+21 can make a very big difference, but if we begin earlier, the result will mean life is almost normal.

social distancing opportunity


In this chart I show the difference in outcome for two cities in the US during the 1918 pandemic.

Philadelphia did not use Social Distancing for 30 days, and had a peak in deaths.

St. Louis took only 2 days to decide to use Social Distancing. That was a success.


St.Louis was a good model for us to copy. Let’s do it!


Children at Fukuoka International Democratic School are learning and using Social Distancing properly.

Social distancing meeting

Here is our latest meeting. This is much better than before.

Also, this is the line into the school. We can all do this!

Social distancing line to kids room

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