Covid-19 Data

I have created this chart with limited historical (available) data. As time passes, the graph will become more accurate.

What we see is the chance of recovery for infected people. Early in the epidemic, the recovery rate is very low because it takes longer for people to recover than to die.

As we can see, the places with the longest infection times have the best recovery rates, (Corona Princess is the best as of 23rd of March 2020 with 98.6%). As time passes, other countries will improve.

The country to worry about is Japan because the Death to Infected ratio is too high compared to other countries, so either Japan is lucky or there is a hidden problem.

If you have a country request to add, please let me know.

Click on the country to highlight.

The Recovery Chart

The fight to win.  50% to 100%


Up=Good, Down=not good.

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