Announcement! / 発表!

Maverick メイカースペース 子どもプログラムが2018年1月からスタート!

■対象年齢 7~12歳

■料金 1回2,000円






We have been developing a curriculum for a children’s maker-space. Fids Kids get to do these any time, but we are considering opening for special maker-space days on Saturday.

Of course, part of the point of a maker-space is that one is free to do what you decide, but staff here have created a number of projects (craft, science, maths and engineering) that are designed to inspire children and get them on the road to creating. The core elements are self-satisfaction and problem solving. Participation is on request. Please apply here.

2017 May.   Story time.

Building rabbit Hutches.

These are the guys we are building for.

The convicts! You think they are cute, but they are trouble too!

Naoto-kun, generously provided transport and tools, then got us started with this project at his workshop.

Good job Naoto-kun!

In the end, we made 3 types of cage. Here we are showing the one with the roof.

First build the frame. This took a couple of hours as we measured, designed and cut as we went along.

We made 2 of these!

Then get the clever bits on. During lunch we decided to use garden wire to hold the doors shut.

Finishing the details

Nearly finished. Note the clever slide-in slide-out separator.

A clever separator

Final step… get the roof on. This model included wire doors that swing open. The second one only took an hour because, by then, we knew what we were doing.


Naoto-kun delivered to the “clients”. The golden bunnies came with us.

When it comes to lettuce, they are more like pigs than rabbits!


Later, we made a wire model for portable-grass-grazing.

Somehow, the box seemed too comfortable.


Eventually, they all came out to feast on the clover.

The end.

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