2022 Harry Potter Lego Challenge

This is for older students 16+ English is not necessary (but it is everywhere!). Whether you are a Lego, psychology or HP enthusiast!

F.I.D.S. ~福岡インターナショナル・デモクラティック・スクール~ では高校生・大学生を対象とした4日間のショートコースを開催致します。



Harry Potter is not just for children. In fact, it is a marvelous archetypical adventure whose themes are older than history and delve deep into English culture. Here at F.I.D.S. the books are part of out school culture, and actually part of the curriculum!

Now we are attempting to assemble one of the largest Lego sets. We are inviting students (SHS, and Uni) who have an interest in the stories, or Lego or how the English language, history and culture are woven into this epic story.

The books are of course better than the films, but that is not important. Come and enjoy a relaxed and fun time discussing the psychological facets of human nature that are explored by the author. We will answer all your questions with (we hope) new insights.



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